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[分享] Opus Player & Converter
標題:[分享] Opus Player & Converter

Opus Player & Converter
上星期,友人在WhatsApp傳來了一首歌,問我怎樣可以在WhatsApp以外聽到,我去看一下副檔名是opus,就反問是否在WhatsApp錄音的呢?結果沒估錯是在Whatapp錄的。呢個App聲稱可以聽到all opus file format audio file,是否最好用及聽到所有opus file就不知了,但假若聽不到的話,可以將opus file convert to wav,信不信就由你嘞。

Opus Player is an app which is made for to play opus audio format, most of the mobile not able to directly play opus audio messages so we bring such a nice tools called opus player which will bring all your opus voice message to one list sorted by date wise. opus player not only play opus audio format file but the app have also the feature to convert opus audio message to wav audio format. Opus audio player app provides a lot of features for managing your opus audio messages such as deleting, sharing and organizing, that make it the best audio manager for WhatsApp’s voice notes. you can easily find out your old opus voice messages in a second because the app sorted all opus file based on date wise.

Main feature in Opus player for audio

🎧 Play all opus file format audio file
🎧 Sorted all opus audio file on datewise
🎧 Listing of all converted file
🎧 Convert easily opus voice file to wav audio format
Freely share and delete any opus audio file from your mobile phone

https://play.google.com/store/ap ... ntech.opusconverter

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